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Commencing 23 January, 2022

Your greatest gift
is your time

because when you give someone
your time you are giving
something that you
will never get back.

The Real

№ 1

Tuesday January 25, 2022

Note From the Publisher




updated on July 28, 2021

I have now received the second shot of the vaccine. I am sure that with enough time we all will be fully vaccinated.

My safety standards include impeccable hygeine, the practice of social distancing and isolation whenever possible. I will never do anything to put either myself or you at risk of contracting anything.

Chelsea xx.

I am bisexual
and I like it all

I may be classy, but I'm
definitely kinky. I dominate.
I can be submissive. I do
whatever I like. I am trans.
I'm always going to be
the best of
both worlds.



erotic image

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You should be at least 21 years of age.

This is me.

Hi, I'm Chelsea and I'm far from your typical trans girl. Please allow me to introduce myself. I am bisexual and I am interested in a gentleman, woman or a couple who has been searching for the perfect transgender companion. I want nothing more than to satisfy every one of your desires.

I am confident that you will find me to be a true lady (with a big secret of course). If you can appreciate my sense of humour, you will agree that I am remarkably classy and truly respectful. I take great pride in bringing an entirely new level of standards to everything that I do. I believe that the sky is the limit, and we can all be and achieve everything that we truly desire.

Experience the undivided attention of an absolutely gorgeous and highly entertaining trans woman. Be the envy of every other person who secretly wishes they could have what you have. Imagine how incredible it feels to be with someone so beautiful, someone who completely and entirely devotes herself into bringing your fantasy to life.

I very much look forward to meeting you.

With all of my love,

Chelsea Paige

A Deposit is Required


updated on July 1, 2021

Your time is valuable and so is mine. I take the effort to properly prepare for meetings. This involves many things, including adjusting my schedule and activities. I am engaged in several personal projects and accepting a booking doesn't just occur automatically. Like you, I am a busy person with several responsibilities. It is for these reasons that a deposit is always appreciated.

This is essential and serves to confirm our meeting and to guarantee my availability. This also provides me with a certain degree of security. You may consider it as a retainer.

"If you want to get places with me, don't
refer to me as a call girl".



There are two types of men in this world. There are those that stay up late at night and reckessly attempt to fulfill their last minute desires, yet much of what they do is in vain. Then, on the other hand, there is the sophisticated gentleman who wakes up early in the morning and calculates his time in advance. He is a forward-thinker who not only appreciates, but truly enjoys the finer things in life. It is with the latter in whom my interests remain.

You are a man of character and you understand how to treat a lady. You have dignity and respect. You are kind to animals. You focus your energy on positive and constructive tasks and you bring forth success to everyone around you. You take great pride in your work and constantly strive to make yourself a better person while contributing positively to society. As someone once told me, if you want to fly with the eagles then you must surround yourself with friends and mentors who are principled, disciplined and outstanding members of our society.

The desire to share intimate moments with me is always on your priority list. You know that as time goes by, our relationship will continue to develop with unique, energetic and unforgettable dynamics. You are gifted with the opportunity to rightfully enjoy all that this universe has to offer.

You have seen it all and have done it all. Well, almost. Now that you've tried the rest, you're certainly ready for the best.



erotic image

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You should be at least 21 years of age.

Things that you've always wanted to know but were too afraid to ask


Approx. 6.5" & fully functional



Darkest Brown

Pale to Soft Tan, no tattoos or piercings

5' 10½" (179 cm)

Full DD

Toned. Size AU 10 / US 6. Made for sin

Dirty. Very

Great kissing, oral, and anything from behind



The following are scenes from an original feature film screenplay written by yours truly. This film is for a mature audience.

It is a romance involving a female and a trans girl.


BETH and BAE walk into the suite together. BETH takes a few steps in and slips off her dress, revealing beautiful lingerie. BAE leans against the wall. BETH gets up to her, puts her hands on BAE’S hips, and leans in to kiss her. They kiss passionately for several moments. BETH slides her hand down to BAE’S crotch.

That's so fucking hot.

They kiss again as BETH gently rubs BAE’S crotch.

I want it in me so bad.

BAE closes her eyes and leans her head back, enjoying the sensations. BETH, with her hand still on BAE’s crotch, leans in to kiss BAE on her breasts. BAE reaches over to turn the lights off. The room fades to dark.


erotic literature

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You should be at least 21 years of age.

Want more?

Okay, fine. Here's another scene from the same movie when Beth provides herself with self-pleasure.


BETH, wearing lingerie and stockings, is on the bed with her hand between her legs. She’s looking at her laptop that’s playing a video.

Oh yeah... yeah fuck me with that big cock.

She continues to masturbate.

Give it to me. Yes, yes. Fuck yeah, harder. Oh yeah. Fuck my pussy.

She gets more involved with her masturbation, getting close to climax.

I’m going to cum... Yes... Yes... Oh fuck yeah!

BETH closes her eyes and reaches a climax simultaneously with the PORN STAR. After a few moments, and still breathing hard, she closes the laptop and lightly runs her fingers down her chest enjoying the last few moments of her climax. Her phone rings. She reaches over to the bedside table, grabs it, and answers.


Beth, it’s Alice. I’m running a bit early. Can we meet at one?

Yeah that’s fine, see you there.

She ends the call, gets up, and heads for the dressing room.

more erotic literature

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You should be at least 21 years of age.

Even more?

There's also a scene where Beth, before meeting Bae, has a threesome with her husband. Beth leaves her husband to find true love with Bae who is trans.

even more erotic literature
longer read time

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You should be at least 21 years of age.


There are several candles burning, with soft music playing in the background. BETH is seated on the sofa, wearing a satin mini length dress with no lingerie underneath. JASON comes in with two wine glasses, passing one to her.

You look amazing. And I love your nail color.

He sits down on the armchair.

I chose it because it symbolizes trust.

Good choice, we really have to trust each other to be inviting someone to join us tonight.

And we also have to trust ourselves.

He gives it a quick thought.

Are you sure we’re doing the right thing? What if you develop feelings for her. I know you’re attracted to women, we’ve talked about this before.

I said I was attracted to the female form, I didn’t necessarily say that I’m attracted to women. I’m more worried about you.

The SOUND of the doorbell. He appears nervous.

Don’t worry, we’ll be okay. Get the door and let’s just have some fun.

He gives her a look of approval and gets up to head toward the door.


JASON opens the door. AMBER, 24, brunette, wearing a long coat, smiles at him.

Wow, you’re beautiful. Please, come in.

He moves to let her in then closes the door.

Thank you. If you don’t mind, let’s take care of the financial part first.

Yes of course.

He goes to the nearby table, takes the white envelope, and passes it to her.

It’s all there. You can count it if you like.

That’s okay, I trust you.

She slips the envelope into her handbag.

May I take your coat.

She removes her coat and passes it to him. She takes a few steps in as he opens the closet door to hang it up. She looks into the living room and smiles.


BETH is looking over her side toward AMBER. JASON steps away from the closet and heads toward the living room with AMBER. BETH gets up and takes a few steps toward them.

My lovely wife Beth.

Hi, I’m Amber.

I like your dress.

Thank you.

(To Amber) Would you care for a glass of wine or champagne?

Champagne will be lovely, thank you.

JASON steps out toward the kitchen.

(Nervous) This is our first time.

No need to be nervous darling. And thank you for inviting me.

BETH smiles as she tries to relax.

You’re beautiful. C’mon, let’s go sit down.

They head toward the sitting area. BETH sits down on the sofa and AMBER sits down on the armchair, placing her handbag down on the side table. JASON enters with two glasses of champagne. He passes one to AMBER.

Thank you.

(To Beth) Would you like one?

No, I still have my wine.

He sits down on the sofa with BETH and takes a sip of his champagne.

That’s a nice one.

Yes, she looks lovely.

I was referring to the champagne, but yes she looks amazing.

AMBER smiles and takes a sip of her champagne.

This feels weird. Amber, let’s change seats. Please, sit by Beth.

He stands up. AMBER also stands up and they exchange seats.

That’s better. It felt like we were doing an interview or something.

AMBER looks over to BETH and gives her a smile. BETH responds by also smiling.

We’re thinking that we’ll just let things happen naturally. We don’t necessarily have any expectations for tonight.

We just want to have some fun.

(To Amber) Is there anything that you enjoy?

I like it all.

Perfect. How do we start.

AMBER looks toward BETH, then back to JASON.

Would you like to see us together.

Well, yes of course. Girl on girl, isn’t that every man’s fantasy?

AMBER takes another sip of her champagne, then leans forward to place the glass down on the coffee table. She turns to BETH and gently places her hand on BETH’S thigh. BETH isn’t sure what to do.

(To Jason) Do you like when I touch her.

He shifts slightly in the armchair.

Yes, that’s hot.

Should I kiss her.

AMBER looks at BETH and leans in to give her a gentle kiss on her lips, sliding her hand up BETH’S thigh.

That’s hot.

AMBER glances at JASON, then gives BETH another kiss. After a few moments, AMBER places her hand on BETH’S hip. BETH closes her eyes and pushes her pelvis up slightly. AMBER glances over to JASON then slowly slides her hand up BETH’S side to just under her breast. JASON stirs in his seat. AMBER leans in and gives BETH a light kiss on her neck. BETH opens her eyes and looks at JASON. He puts his glass down, stands up, and sits on the sofa next to AMBER who places her hand on his thigh.

I’m certainly a lucky girl tonight. You are both so attractive.

AMBER looks at BETH then back to JASON.

Shall we go have some fun.

Sure, the bedroom’s over there. Let’s go.

He gets up from sofa, followed by AMBER. BETH remains seated.

(To Beth) If that’s okay.

BETH takes a moment then gets up from the sofa as JASON leads the way to the bedroom.


JASON enters the bedroom with AMBER behind him. They take a few steps into the room as BETH enters. AMBER gets close to JASON.

(To Beth) Don’t worry, I’m a professional.

BETH gets close to them. AMBER, standing in the middle, takes BETH’S hand and places it on her buttocks. She then touches JASON.

Touch me.

BETH slides her hand up to AMBER’S lower back as JASON places his hand on AMBER’S waist. They move in closer and kiss each other simultaneously. After a moment, BETH ends the kiss and takes a step back.

You should get on the bed.

JASON and BETH look at each other and, in agreement, go toward the bed. BETH sits on one side and JASON sits on the other.

Move up with your backs on the pillows facing me. And save some room for me in the middle.

JASON slides back to the position as AMBER starts to seductively remove her dress. BETH decides to move up to the pillows. JASON admires AMBER as her dress drops to floor, revealing designer lingerie.


AMBER approaches the bed and crawls up the center between them.

(To Beth) Let’s take this off.

AMBER reaches over and slips a shoulder strap off of BETH’S dress then leans in to kiss her breast as JASON takes off his shirt. AMBER slides BETH’S other strap down and carefully pulls BETH’S dress down to above her waist. JASON opens a condom package, slides his pants down, and lays sideways behind AMBER.

So sexy.

AMBER turns to her side to face BETH, then kisses BETH’S other breast. JASON moves AMBER’S panties to the side and presses into her, looking directly at BETH. He does a few slow pumping movements without taking his eyes off of BETH who shakes her head and gets out of bed, pulling her dress back up. JASON stops.


I need some fresh air. You two can carry on.

JASON looks at AMBER as BETH leaves the room. He turns her onto her back, gets on top of her, leans down to kiss her on the side of her neck, and pushes into her.

ménage à trois


So you're interested in exploring some new ideas. Perfect. I agree that we can take this to an entirely new level. I must admit that there's nothing hotter than a man, a woman and a trans girl together. The dynamics are incredible and the options are unlimited. I am always available with the finest females. My bisexual nature really shines in group environments. Imagine me with an incredibly gorgeous woman, imagine us all together. Imagine the possibilities.

contains nudity

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You should be at least 21 years of age.

Perhaps you may fancy us together.

So what will a typical scenario look like. Hmmmm, allow me to ponder that question. Oh I know, me in the middle, you in the middle, her in the middle... I'm sure you get the idea. But look, I need to stop writing before I get too excited. I can't tell you enough how much these ideas turn me on.

erotic image

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You should be at least 21 years of age.

Bisexual and beautiful.

Please note that you must make a commitment with a deposit prior to me contacting any of my colleagues. They are always going to be available. Although I am sure that every single request that I receive is authentic, I personally only make contact when things are absolutely guaranteed. I have a reputation for being punctual and reliable, and so do my colleagues. I am acquainted with numerous beauties who have a mutual love for group dynamics. However, I am always more than happy to contact someone new should that be to your liking.

In the words of Mark Twain,

“Twenty years from now you will be
more disappointed by the things you
didn’t do than by the ones you did do.
So throw off the bowlines!
Sail away from the safe harbor.
Catch the trade winds in
your sails. Explore.
Dream. Discover!”



The million dollar question is... drum roll please... who am I? The topic of sexuality is so complex that I've decided to dedicate an entire section to it. I've often wondered how the rules apply. I've thought about it, obsessed over it, lost sleep over it and I have finally drawn a very simple conclusion. I am straight. And so are you. Someone once asked me how many of my clients are straight. The answer? All of them. For me, truthfully, I do not care what is between your legs. I am more concerned with how you make me feel. I am attracted to kindness. I am for all intensive purposes female. Therefore, I am not capable of being gay, that is impossible. Gay is something that requires two or more men interacting with each other. This part is simple. Male and female.

On another note, I wonder what it would mean if I was with a woman. Again, for all intensive purposes this dynamic is straight. It only gets complicated if I was with another trans girl which, I might add, brings forth qualities that would label me as a lesbian. However, that just isn't practical. A new word will have to be created in that regard. Transbian. Oh well.

My thesis in this little discussion focuses on the audacity of whoever determined there should be a "T" with the "LGB" group. Seriously? Come on, it's completely illogical. The first three letters in that acronym clearly make sense. Gay, lesbian and bisexual. Ok fine, I'm bisexual, big deal. But these labels all refer to sexuality. Now let's talk about the "T". Transgender has absolutely nothing to do with sexuality. It's all about sex. Transgender is sex. Sex as in a reference to gender, but keeing in mind that gender is variable. The founders of the "LGB" compaign have somehow included the "T" presumably to broaden the reach of their group. It's completely nonsensical. Transgender is sex not sexuality. Sex, sex, sex. There are three genders: male, female and transgender. It's really that simple. And I repeat, transgender is sex.

I'll tell you something. When I'm elected as President of the Useless Acronym Party, the first thing that I'm going to do is remove the "T" from that group. To quote Shakespeare in Hamlet, I shall stand center stage in the amphitheatre and state that "It offends me to the soul to hear a robustious periwig-pated fellow tear a passion to tatters, to very rags, to split the ears of the groundlings, who for the most part are capable of nothing but inexplicable dumb shows and noise”. To include the "T" with the "LGB" is just simply foolish. Sure, there will be many people who read these words and think otherwise. But that's okay, we are all allowed to have our own opinions. I just place more emphasis on my own opinions rather than on those of others. I have my own shoes to stand in and many of them are 120 mm stiletto heels with that beautiful red sole. Shoutout to Christian Louboutin for designing the most beautiful shoes on the planet.

In my final few words on sexuality, I say be proud of yourself no matter who you are or how you identify. As I write this, I am relaxing on a black leather sofa wearing a white lace negligee, lingerie of course, and a pair of red-bottom stiletto heels.

"keep your heels, head and standards high"

Christian Louboutin


mon chéri

So you've pondered all of your options and have finally decided to take action towards the fulfillment of your dreams. Perfect, you may sail away from the safe harbor to explore, dream and discover! I have written this section to offer some guidance on how to catch the trade winds in your sails.

Initial Contact
I would be a wealthy woman if I had a hundred dollars for everyone who thought that sending me a one word text message would arouse my interest. I put in as much effort in meeting you as you extend to me. If you would like to ensure that I actually respond to your message, perhaps just simply introduce yourself and tell me which city or locality you'd like to meet in. I'm sure that will result in a pleasant experience for the both of us. And remember the cartoon depiction, "If you want to get places with me, don't refer to me as a call girl". I fancy myself otherwise.

Plan Ahead
I always plan ahead and can not recall any moments when my time hasn't been occupied by either business or pleasure. This is how it works, I wake up early in the morning before sunrise and undergo my morning coffee ritual. During this time of self-reflection and meditation, I plan my day according to the things that I should do, what I have to do, what I am obligated to do, and what I want to do. After the second cup of coffee, I enjoy soy lattes by the way, I will have devised an effective strategy to live out my day. Carpe Diem!

Be a Gentleman
I think you know what to do. I have faith that your ambition and desire to meet me will shine thoroughly. Don't be shy. Just treat me as you would any other lady. Showing respect is truly one of the magical ingredients to life. Personally, I try my best to always govern myself with a respect for all things and all people.

Be Uninhibited
Take charge! I am an incredibly approachable person, as part of being trans involves a high level of acceptance. Drop your guard down and show me who you truly are on the inside. I know that we all have a passionate streak and we all have a wild streak. That's just how life is. And, importantly, I ask that you just be yourself. No strings attached.

Be Prepared
You've provided the deposit and have confirmed the date and time of our meeting. So what's next, what else needs to be done? In addition to being well dressed and well mannered, perhaps all that's remaining is to select a wine or champange for us to enjoy together. And flowers? The symbolism is nice and I do agree that every woman loves flowers.



Flowers, especially roses, are the key to every woman's heart. We can all surely contest to the thought. But what's a rose? In Shakespearean terms, and I've been to the Roman amphitheatre in Verona, "A rose by any other name"... In the sentiment, scent and beauty of this flower, your gifts and donations are warmly welcomed. The following represents my suggestions.

Juliet's Balcony in Verona, Italy, 2019.
I personally took this picture.

à la carte

one hour

ménage à trois

one hour for couples

two hours for couples

two course

2 hours

three course

3 hours

the Chelsea experience*

full evening


approximately 12 hours

24 hours

24 hours of bliss

48 hours

weekends or weekdays

the week

perfect for that much needed vacation

*All meetings from the Chelsea experience and higher are inclusive for couples seeking a ménage é trois.

Tell me more




Did I mention the award?

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of my friends, collegaues, clients, my publisher and all of the organisers who are behind the awards. You are all incredibly amazing and I am honoured to be associated with every single one of you. It is my pleasure to receive the Best Trans Escort award. It is such a good feeling that all of my hard (no pun intended) work is appreciated by others. I constantly strive to make myself the best woman that I can be. Once again, my deepest appreciation goes out to everyone for such an amazing year!

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